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Since 2005, we helped hundreds of homeowners make win-win deals when selling their houses. We have built our reputation on honesty, transparency, and fairness. Here are some of the client reviews we have received over the years
home buying company sell your house fast Chicago Illinois
"Working with Lior and his team at We Buy Houses was smooth and simple. I was looking to get out of the rental game after a few years of being a landlord and wanted to sell a small house in Burnham that needed some serious remodeling. After 2 different realtors toured the house and wanted me to clean it and make repairs before they can list it, i looked for another option. I saw the big we buy houses billboard on the express way and decided to call. I met with Lior the next day and received his as-is offer. He even agreed to get rid of the old furniture left behind by the tenant for me. It was a true as-is deal. I didnt have to lift a finger and we closed in 7 days. i recommend we buy houses chicago to anyone looking for a quick, simple and fair transaction."
Ian Bell, Burnham
we buy houses as is sell your house fast Chicago IL
"Working with Nichole and her team was a very pleasant experience. I needed to sell my house fast and they delivered big time. Nichole was fair and honest and throughout the (very short) process I felt informed."
                       Lisa Evensen, Chicago
we buy houses as is sell your house fast Chicago IL
"This worked just fine and much faster than I planned. After I had my house listed with a realtor for almost 4 months I gave up and called we buy houses. I was sceptic about working with a home buying company and oh boy was I wrong. I met with Lior and received a cash offer the next day and closed in under 3 weeks. Working with my realtor was a complete waste of time."
                       Derick Halle, Chicago
we buy houses as is sell your house fast Chicago IL
"If you need to sell a house fast, I highly recommend calling Lior and his team at We Buy Houses Chicago. These guys are straight forward, fair and honest. They presented the deals including all the pros and cons, they explained the process in simple English and most importantly, they had the cash and I sold my house fast. Thanks Lior"
                       Jeff Drummond, Maywood
we buy houses as is sell your house fast Chicago
"I met Lior at one of the houses he was working on in Logan Square after I caught his we buy houses sign. I was planning a relocation to Atlanta following a job opportunity and wanted to see if they can really buy my house fast. My house was in good condition and at first I thought they only buy ugly old houses. I invited him to look at my house and he made me an all cash offer the next day. They handled all the transaction details, making this a fast and hassle free process. we closed in 4 weeks. I wasn't expecting this to be that easy, but it was"
                       Clyde Turner, Calumet City
we buy houses as is sell your house fast Chicago IL
"I was looking to sell my parents house after my mom passed away and looked for a simple fast solution that will enable me to do this remotely since I live out of state. A friend recommended that I call Lior at We Buy Houses, saying it would be easier than flying back and forth to Chicago. At first, I was skeptic because I heard some bad stories about investor buying homes for pennies on the dollar but after meeting with Lior I was convinced I am dealing with a straight up person and a reputable home buying company. We signed a contract the same day and closed a deal in less than a month. The great part is that we did everything remotely and they handled all the paperwork and closing procedures. This was indeed 100% hassle free and much simpler than I anticipated. I recommend this company to anyone looking to sell a house fast and simple"
                       Sara Snider, Skokie
we buy houses as is sell your house fast Chicago IL
“My husband lost his job last year, and we were so afraid we might lose our house and our good credit rating along with it. Fortunately, we discovered We Buy Houses Chicago,  and they stepped right in and helped us navigate our way out of this predicament. We were able to sell them our home and close before the next payment came due, which really saved us, and bought us the time we needed to get back on our feet financially. If they hadn’t come through for us, who knows where we’d be right now? A big thank you to Lior and the staff of We Buy Houses Chicago for your first rate customer service and support, and for being there for us when we needed it the most! You guys are amazing!”
                                                                                                      Susan, Chicago
we buy houses as is sell your house fast Chicago IL
“Following my divorce, I knew I wasn’t going to be in a situation where I could hold on to my house. I also didn’t want to go through the whole process of listings, showings, etc. We Buy Houses Chicago came along and made a more than fair cash offer for my property. With everything going wrong at the time, it was so nice to see something go so right! Thanks, guys!”
                                                                                                   Spencer D, Joliet
we buy houses as is sell your house fast Chicago IL
“We made the decision last year to downsize, which meant moving out of our large home into something more manageable. Unfortunately we knew there were a lot of problems with our current home, and we knew that would mean costly and time wasting repairs and upgrades. We examined all of the options available to us and determined that We Buy Houses Chicago was the best way to go. They purchase dour home as is, we didn’t have to do anything! That was a big load off of our minds and our bank account, to just be able to move forward to our next home and put the past behind us. The team was knowledgeable, friendly, and courteous, and the whole process went about as smoothly as anything could have. We were out of our home within about three weeks, and we’ve never seen a real estate transaction move so rapidly before. We highly recommend We Buy Houses Chicago to anyone who is looking to sell their home…these guys are the real thing!” 
                                                                                     David, Arlington Heights
we buy houses as is sell your house fast Chicago IL
“After we got married, we ended up with two houses, and we could only live in one at a time. We tried the rental thing, but after unpleasant experiences with a couple of tenants, we decided it would just be easier to sell the house altogether. Unfortunately, the last tenants left the house is less than pristine condition. Writing on the walls, damages, a heavy smell of cigarette smoke. It was going to take a lot of work to bring the house up to spec. I had heard about We Buy Houses Chicago and thought it was worth a call. The pleasant surprise was that we were not expected to make any repairs or upgrades…they wanted to purchase the home as it stood. They would take care of all of those issues once they had taken ownership. We accepted their very generous offer, and we were able to set our preferred closing date. Before we knew it, we were a one home household! The whole process was just about as easy and stress free as it could be. And we appreciate the staff at We Buy Houses Chicago going above and beyond for us! Thank you so much!” 
                                                                                       Barry Childs, Oak Lawn
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