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How Do I Sell My House Fast for Cash in Chicago?

At We Buy Houses Chicago, we purchase homes in any location and in any condition, sparing you the hassle of real estate agents, hidden fees, unforeseen repairs, and the incessant cleaning required to keep your home in showroom condition to impress prospective buyers. We put the cash in your hand and you are on to the next big thing. We take over from there and get the house in order and ready for its next owner.

How does this work, you ask? Well, much simpler than you might think. Take a moment and get familiar with out home buying process. It is always best to be well informed before making any real estate decisions.


What You Will Need:

  • Internet or phone access

  • A dependable form of communication such as cell phone or working email address

  • A computer or a phone (starting to see a pattern here? Yes, it is just that easy)

Who We Are

We are real estate investors who make cash purchases for properties. Cash transactions eliminate the need for banks or other financial institutions that may take days to render decisions and approvals. We have cash in hand so we can call the shots on what properties we purchase, and we can do so rapidly, which is to your benefit.


How It Works


Call our office, ask questions. Our team of service providers is here to make it all happen for you in a timely and efficient manner. We also recommend contacting folks who have used our services before, because their testimonials will always be more convincing than any sales pitch we can make. With all this modern technology, word of mouth is still the best way to make a decision on hiring any company.

Once you have decided to work with us, the process becomes as easy as logging on, submitting your information by answering a series of questions about your property (address, condition, etc.), and providing a reliable method for getting back to you, then letting us go to work on your behalf.

Once our appraisers have your information, they will want to schedule a time to speak with you, often before the end of the next business day. You will have the opportunity to walk the property with one of our representatives, at which time our offer will be presented to you. This is a free, no obligation offer, and one you are free to turn down.

Should you agree to our offer (and we are confident you will!), then you can schedule your closing date. This is when you will get money in hand for your home. We also handle the closing costs, which is usually an extremely attractive caveat for any seller.

At We Buys Houses Chicago, we are here to make your home sale a quick and easy and painless process, allowing you complete freedom and control, which can be invaluable when you are in the process of planning a move. Call us today at (312) 380-5995 to get started on the sale of your home!


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