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The Difference Between Selling a House to an Investor Vs. an Agent

Listing your home for sale with a real estate agent has to qualify as one of the world’s oldest professions. It is the way folks have done it for generations, and unfortunately, the process hasn’t gotten much better or easier or any more convenient in all that time. You have to work to make the house presentable, and you have to keep it that way. Your family time may be interrupted at any moment with a call from an agent wanting to show your home, which means you have to make yourself scarce for an hour or more. And if your home does not sell rapidly, this could be your life for weeks or even months before the right buyer happens along.

Not anymore. At We Buy Houses Chicago, we will purchase your home as-is for a fair price, eliminating the hassle and fuss that so often accompanies real estate transactions and providing topflight customer service along the way. We believe that selling your home should not have to be an ordeal, and we are here to make it happen for you. Call our office at (312) 380-5995 for more information.

Real estate investors buy homes that have been on the market for a while, or that have fallen into disrepair. These are cash deals, allowing you to set a reasonable closing time and be out from under your property, which in turn allows you to move forward with your next real estate venture.

Reasons to Choose We Buy Houses Chicago

There are any number of reasons that choosing a real estate investor is the preferred option over a traditional agent.

  • Divorce - If you are in the process of a separation and divorce, few tings gum up the works quite like sharing a home together. Ideally, you want to be rid of the property so you can each move forward with your lives. Using a real estate agent could take months, while using a real estate investor like We Buy Houses Chicago means you have money in hand in as little as two weeks.

  • Inheritance – Sometimes inheriting a home is a blessing, and some small measure of compensation for the loss of a loved one. Other times they can be over the top burdens that you have neither the desire nor the ability to properly maintain. And sometimes you may have to invest money you do not have or do not wish to spend in order to make the home ready for market. We Buy Houses Chicago requires none of that. Your home is purchased in as-is condition.

  • Bad Tenants – Every landlord has this nightmare. Tenants who do not pay the rent on time, or trash the property, or both. At some point, a rental property can become more trouble than it is worth. We Buys Houses Chicago will take care of the bad tenants as well as the home. All you do is collect your money and poof, you’re out from under!


At We Buy Houses Chicago, we purchase homes throughout the greater Chicago area, and we purchase them in as-is condition. We also offer a variety of programs designed to make the sale of your home that much easier and more convenient. Our service is free with no upfront (or backside) fees or commissions. Call us today at (312) 380-5995 to get started on the sale of your home!

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