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We Buy Houses Chicago is Chicago's #1 Home Cash Buyer. We offer a selection of programs to help our clients make the best of their house sale. Choose the one that best suits your specific home resale needs.
Outright Purchase


If you choose to sell your house outright, we will make you an all-cash offer and put you on the fast track for closing. The process is simple, and we can close within 7 days in most cases. All that is required is a simple call to our office or answering a few questions online to set the wheels in motion. One of our representatives will arrange a time to meet with you and provide a comprehensive evaluation of your property. We will make you an immediate cash offer, one that will not change, with no unexpected fees or other expenses. And the best part is that you get to choose the closing time, which puts cash in your hand fast, in as little as two weeks! Call our customer services department right now to get things started, and let us get your house sold!



Short Sale

If you owe on your mortgage more than your property is worth, we can negotiate with your bank to accept less than what you owe for a full payoff. We have a 90%+ success rate in getting short sales approved in short time. Short sales are viable, productive options if you find yourself in a long-term hardship such as unemployment or a drawn-out divorce, or if you are behind on your mortgage payments with no solid plan for catching up. It is also a good choice if you owe more on your home than it is worth, or if you have not been able to sell your home at a price that covers what you still owe. Or perhaps you have been relocated and need to leave as soon as possible. Whatever the situation, We Buy Houses Chicago can help through a short sale. Call our office today to find out more!


Stop Poreclosure


If you are falling behind on your mortgage payment, do not let the bank take your home. Call us today. We can stop foreclosure in less than 2 business days. This will buy you more time to decide how to resolve the problem. Because we are able to close so rapidly, in many cases before your next payment is due, which can stop the foreclosure process, as well as preventing any negative impact on your credit rating. We have more than two decades of experience working with all kinds of financial and economical scenarios, and we are more than able and ready to take care of yours. By choosing We Buy Houses Chicago, you can take charge of not only the sale of your home, but your economic situation overall. Let us step in and stop the foreclosure process for you. It all starts with one phone call!



Traditional Sale

Our in-house real estate agency is designed to market your property (in "as-is" condition) and get it sold fast. We advertise using cutting edge technology across the web, social media, video and more. Much like our fast and fair cash offers for your home, you do not have to worry about doing any repairs or making any upgrades, all of which can be awfully expensive and, in many cases, cost prohibitive, especially when you would rather channel your funds into whatever your next chapter in your life is going to be. Listing with We Buy Houses Chicago means we market and sell your home as is, and we do so for the best possible price. Our knowledgeable and experienced customer service representatives are ready to make it happen for you today!

Take Over Mortgage


If you cannot make your mortgage payments, we offer a payment take over program. We will take over your mortgage payments and keep your credit on track for your next home purchase. Again, this is an instance where your financial reputation is on the line. Damage to your credit rating can take years to rebuild and recover from, and can affect future purchases of homes, cars, etc. And with more and more employers running credit checks for potential new hires, in some cases, it may even affect your chance at getting a job. We can help put you back in control of our finances and economic standing by taking over your mortgage. Call We Buy Houses Chicago today and get back on the path to financial freedom through our mortgage take over option.

                          "This worked just fine and much faster than I planned... (read more  testimonials)
                       D. Halle, Chicago


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