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We Buy Houses Chicago is Chicago's #1 Home Cash Buyer. We offer a selection of programs to help our clients make the best of their house sale.
Outright Purchase


If you choose to sell your house outright, we'll make you an all cash offer and put you on the fast track for closing.

The process is simple and we can close within 7 days in most cases.



Stop Poreclosure


If you are falling behind on your mortgage payment, don't let the bank take your home. Call us today. We can stop foreclosure in less than 2 business days. This will buy you more time to decide how to resolve the problem.



Take Over Mortgage


If you cannot make your mortgage payments, we offer a payment take over program. We will take over your mortgage payments and keep your credit on track for your next home purchase

Short Sale

​If you owe on your mortgage more than your preoprty is worth, we can negotiate with your bank to accept less than what you owe for a fullpayoff. We have a 90%+ success rate in getting short sales approved in short time.


Traditional Sale

Our in-house real estate agency is designed to market your property (in "as-is" condition) and get it sold fast. We advertise using cutting edge technolgy across the web, social media , video and more...

                          "This worked just fine and much faster than I planned... (read more  testimonials)
                       D. Halle, Chicago


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