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Frequently Asked Questions

we buy houses as is sell your house fast Chicago
Part of a successful real estate transaction is doing your due diligence. This means asking the right questions and receiving satisfactory answers. At We Buy Houses Chicago, our serve representatives are available to take your questions before, during, and even after the process. With that in mind, here are a few of the more obvious ones

Who Are You?

We Buy Houses Chicago is a real estate investment team located in (where else?) Chicago IL. We service Chicago as well as the surrounding counties, bringing years of real estate expertise to the table.

How Does the We Buy Houses Chicago Process Work?

You simply answer a few questions on the location and condition of your property. We examine the data you provide and make you a fair cash offer. You are under no obligation to accept, although we are quite sure you will! Once that decision is made, we can close in as little as two weeks.

Does We Buy Houses Chicago Buy Homes That Are Run Down, Dilapidated, Or Otherwise in Need of Repair?

You bet. We buy all kinds of homes and in all kinds of conditions. And the best part is, you do not have to sink money into the home to make repairs or maintain appearances. We take care of all that once we take ownership of the house. We know you want to be on to your next project or new location, and by placing cash in hand promptly, you are able to unload that old property and concentrate on the future.

What Kind of Fees Are Involved?

None whatsoever. The appraisal and offer are free services, and you are under no obligation to accept. There are also none of the listing fees or commissions that are commonly found in traditional real estate transactions. What we are providing is a quick, cash sale, and a process that allows you to retain control over the process from start to finish.

Who Is the Typical We Buy Houses Chicago Client?

Almost anyone, but namely our clients are folks who want to sell their properties quickly, for cash. Some want to avoid having to spend money to renovate or repair or update their homes, others are tired of being landlords with disagreeable tenants, while others do not want the hassle of maintaining a home and having to make themselves scarce for hours whenever an agent calls wanting to bring over a prospective buyer.

Do You Only Purchase Houses?

We Buy Houses Chicago works with all kinds of real estate scenarios, including apartments, condos, town homes, or commercial buildings.

Okay, How Do I Get Started?

Call We Buy Houses Chicago today at (312) 380-5995 to get started.

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